Dormalou Project was founded in the Fall of 2014 by Houston based artist Chasity Porter.

What is Dormalou Project?
Dormalou Project is essentially a mobile art gallery with an emphasis on growing future artists and creating community based art projects. It began inside an old 1997 Ford Econoline bus; it has recently evolved into several vintage suitcases. The new space is an ever changing installation of small works by Chasity and other local artist.

The birth of this project came out of a desire to 1) run an alternative art space that is accessible to anybody, anywhere 2)have a space to showcase serious artists with a commitment to making art as well as giving back to the community 3)instill the need and desire for creativity and art in the next generation. 

Where does the name Dormalou come from?
Dormalou is a combination of two names: Doris Marie and Mattie Lou. Both people have had a huge impact on the birth of this project. Every positive move that we make forward is a dedication to them.




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2017 Dormalou Project and Works by Chasity Porter. All Rights Reserved.
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